Oopsy daisy, never mind!

My son is 3.5 years old and is not completely toilet trained yet. There, I said it. We tried last summer when the weather was a "naked toddler in the garden" kind of heatwave but he just didn't get it, refused to wee at all without a nappy and would hold it in for HOURS. … Continue reading Oopsy daisy, never mind!

Silver Linings

I have been thinking a lot about silver linings lately. I have found that my life actually contains a lot of them. A lot of upsets followed by a lot of "it got better" moments. At the times these upsets have happened, I have been devastated. I have sobbed. I have cursed the universe. I … Continue reading Silver Linings


An extra blog post thing month, because absolute gem has nominated me of a Liebster Award! This is an award for new bloggers in recognition of their contribution to the blogging world! My nominator Thank you to the lovely blogger who nominated me, The Mum Conundrum I am very honoured. Please go check out her blog, … Continue reading Nominated?!