Maternity Leave when you’re a Premmie Mummy

First things first, everyone needs to go an sign this petition by The Smallest Things as soon as you can!  Let me tell you why. Mums of babies born prematurely should get extended Maternity Leave. Why should they, you say? They still spend everyday with their baby, its just at the hospital instead of … Continue reading Maternity Leave when you’re a Premmie Mummy


Where did those emotions come from?

Having Jack home makes me feel complete. I wake up in the morning and he is in the cot next me. I don't feel empty anymore. But I don't think I was expecting the mass of emotions that would hit me gradually one by one once he got home. It could be a delayed reaction … Continue reading Where did those emotions come from?

NICU life

People say to me that I must be very strong for how I handled the 89 days Jack spent in the NICU before we brought him home. I ask these people - what would you have done? This is your baby and so you attend every day for 10+ hours a day because that is … Continue reading NICU life


Starting a blog

I've been thinking about starting a blog about Jack ever since he was born prematurely, at 28+6 gestation but was not sure about putting my life out there for the world to see, particularly my weaknesses. I had a textbook pregnancy up until the day before Jack's birth. We weren't trying and thought that our … Continue reading Starting a blog