Counselling for Anxiety and PTSD

I've been having counselling since the beginning for August 2106 to start recovering and picking up the pieces of myself that prematurity broke. I have suffered from anxiety and depression before over about a decade on and off. This is a new ball game of things I've haven't suffered before Jack's birth. Anxiety so severe … Continue reading Counselling for Anxiety and PTSD


It’s not that he can’t, he just doesn’t want to!!

Even though Jack is now considered healthy with his prong-less face and upward moving weight chart, we are still trying to catch up with where he should be. Jack has Physiotherapy every 3 weeks or so because his body is only the equivalent of 7.5 months old even though he was born 10 months ago. … Continue reading It’s not that he can’t, he just doesn’t want to!!

Hello there NICU Mummy…

Hello there NICU Mummy, you are not alone. I am there with you. I saw you plodding along the corridor from the Maternity Ward to the NICU, in your PJ's and dressing gown. I was there with you. I saw you buzz the doorbell, to ask to enter the NICU. I heard you say hello … Continue reading Hello there NICU Mummy…


Jack’s Celebration Day!

So last Sunday, we had a big party that we called Jack's Celebration Day. Basically, a naming day party but to celebrate Jack's whole life so far and the challenges he's overcome. So we celebrate his birth, homecoming, health and oxygen prong-free face! Not a blog post as such just a collection of pictures from … Continue reading Jack’s Celebration Day!