Best Mum Moments (so far!)

I was feeling a little low this morning so am cheering myself up with a short list of some of my best mum moments so far! Finding out I was pregnant - We had wanted this for so long but hadn't even dared try for a baby because of our circumstances so to find that … Continue reading Best Mum Moments (so far!)


I’m stronger than I thought

Last week was the day we'd dreaded. The day of Jack's surgery was on Thursday. Anxiety made this a whole lot worse in the run up to it than it needed to be. Screw you Anxiety. Anxiety voice was saying terrible things like he might not live, there might be a complication, he might not … Continue reading I’m stronger than I thought

What to take to the NICU with you

A practical list for you all today. Things to take to the NICU for your baby and you! Packed lunch - Hospital food is expensive! Even more so when you are there daily for 8-10 hours at a time. Pack yourself a lunch and it'll probably be healthier too which is good for expressing mums. … Continue reading What to take to the NICU with you


I love my scars – they are proof he’s mine

"Is he really mine?"  A phrase normally spoke in wonder and awe as you stare at your brand new baby who is resting on your chest after the birth. But you know he is because he came straight out of your down-there and was placed on your chest while you wept happy tears. This phrase … Continue reading I love my scars – they are proof he’s mine