Second Psychology appt and other things from today

So lets start with the first thing this morning. This comment on my instagram with this photo from my last blog post.. What a lovely way to start the day! This person had obviously found me in one of the hashtags I'd used as she is a complete stranger and looked at the photo - … Continue reading Second Psychology appt and other things from today


Let’s address the elephant in the room…

That would be me then. This post is another difficult one. It's difficult to face up to and show others who I had been trying to hide it from. But who am I kidding? It's really bloody obvious. Some people who know me may remember me intagramming that a couple of weeks after Jack's birth … Continue reading Let’s address the elephant in the room…

First Psychologist Session

So a couple of weeks ago when Denise the NICU lady came for her normal fortnightly visit, we were talking about a couple of things that I have been feeling and things that Jack has been doing and she asked if I would want to be referred to the Clinical Psychologist to talk things through. … Continue reading First Psychologist Session


Shout out to all the Premmie Dads

I've talked a lot about Jack and what happened to him and to me but today I just want to talk about Jack's amazing Daddy, Andrew. And to praise all the Premmie Dads out there. No parent is ready for or expects to end up in the NICU. But in the whirlwind of pregnancy, and … Continue reading Shout out to all the Premmie Dads


Feeding and Weaning

When it comes to Jack's feeding habits, it has been and continues to be a roller coaster! The NICU discharged him and sent him home because he had proved that he could consume his full requirement of oral feeds without issue for 48 whole hours. That meant the whole bottle or near enough without having … Continue reading Feeding and Weaning


Learning to breathe

The last week was a very exciting one and a massive step in Jack's journey. The NICU consultant confirmed that he is happy for Jack to be in air during the day and in oxygen at night. Completely oxygen free during the day! This is massive for us as now we can go about our … Continue reading Learning to breathe