No More Silence

“Mama! Mama! Hey Mama!”

This is the current soundtrack to my life. The sweetest little voice, that started out barely audible due to him having to recover from having a vent tube down his throat, has turned into a loud bellow! And the only word he really knows if my name. Mama.

He has been experimenting with other snippets of words. No Mama and Hey Mama are starting to occur more. He used to say Dada and Wowo (woof woof) but they seem to have disappeared and he had learnt Nini (Nannie) but they doesn’t get said often. I think Dada is actually  little upset by this. It’s Mama for everything. Don’t get me wrong, his little voice calling out to me fills my heart with joy, but Dada should get some of that too, surely?

I’m not going to lie, I’m starting to wonder where I’m going wrong. He is now 2 1/4 years old actual age, not that the doctors will pay attention to corrected age after 2, and I’ve been talking to him every day of his life. I’ve bought flash cards and sang rhymes. When we go for walks, I am constantly naming everything he points at for him.

Dr Google just likes to worry me by suggesting that when a toddler learns but then loses words like Jack has that it’s a sign of autism. There are a couple more things he does that point to autism as well but they could just be his own little quirks. And he doesn’t avoid eye contact or flap his hand or anything. I’m not labelling him as such yet but I’m not dismissing the idea either. It’ll get mentioned to the doctor next we go for any reason.

I think taking him to pre-school has helped him be more vocal with the noises he does know. Before Christmas he was very quiet most of the time and now he likes to shout, even if it is only one or two words over and over. But he has learned how to get other grown ups at pre-school to understand him and what he wants. He likes to take their hand and guide them to what he wants. I think pre-school is good for him. He’s always upset at drop off but is easily distracted by a hug from a staff member and some toys.

I love hearing him say Mama more than I can possibly explain. I waited so long to be called that. It’s literally a dream come true. But I’m ready for him to reply to me when I talk to him. I don’t know what else I can try to get him to talk. When I told his neonatal consultant about his lack of speech in December, the consultant said he could refer him to Speech And Language Therapy (SALT) but only after a hearing test rules out any hearing loss.

I could have told him straight away that’s not the problem. Jack understands everything I say to him. But needs must so he’s had his hearing test – passed with flying colours. So now it’s a waiting game because apparently the waiting list for SALT is at leaf 3 months. Dang it. Fingers crossed for an appointment date to come through soon.

For now, I’m loving how he says Mama. As long as it’s not mid-tantrum accompanied by his newest word – No!

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