Post-summer musings

2018 has been the best summer ever.

Jack is 2 and 3/4 years old which is an awesome age. He walks, or rather runs, everywhere and is curious and adventurous and fun.

This is also the first summer in about 15 years where my weight has not been a hinderence in any way. I am currently about half a stone or 7lb away from my personal target of being a healthy weight/ normal bmi. I haven’t worried about how my weight would affect me at all, whether it be the heat or clothing or activities or even how photos turn out.

Last summer was wonderful and I’d lost about 2 stone, feeling fab, until a photograph someone took of me ruined how I felt, reminding me how far I had to go and how fat I still was.

This summer I have worn actual denim shorts in a size 12 and felt good in them. I have played on the park with my boy energetically. I have walked around Twycross Zoo all day and so has Jack. I have worn a little summer dress without thinking about my legs. I have done a sunrise run on the beach.

I have loved not having to worry about my size. I have loved playing with Jack going on runs and walks with him.

Ive never been so happy than I am parenting Jack. His speech has improved immensely over the summer too. He is now so much more willing to try and copy words, and my favourite is still “I ov oo” which obviously is I love you. That melts me.

We’ve had some great days out, to national trust places, the zoo, the beach. He loves going for walks, and will ask for a carry when he gets tired. I love how active he is because it is a positively healthy lifestyle I can continue with him.

Which brings me to running. The heatwave threatened to derail my running as, because I have vitiligo, it’s dangerous for me to be in the sun. In order to beat the heat, I started running at 5am when it was 16 degrees instead of during the day when it would be 26 degrees. I found I loved the peacefulness of it. Ive kept it up since the heatwave ended!

Jack starts back at nursery this month, going two morning’s a week not just one. I hope they’ll be super impressed with how his speech has progressed.

In short, we’ve had an awesome summer. Bring on Autumn!

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