Learning to lose the app

Over the last few months, I have noticed a change. Quite a small change, some would think, but quite an important one in my recovery from anxiety. I have weaned myself off the baby app that I used to record everything. (It's called "Feed Baby" if anyone is interested in finding it). You know the … Continue reading Learning to lose the app

I’m a crap Mummy-Blogger!

I don’t drink. There I said it. *gasp* I’m not one of these hilarious mum-bloggers who share the fact that, because their toddler shat on the carpet and started painting with it (yet to happen, I’m sure it will), they drank a whole bottle of gin and it gets thousands of likes. (Actually, I think … Continue reading I’m a crap Mummy-Blogger!

National News

A while ago I was approached by a journalist who writes for the Daily Mirror, about sharing Jack's story. I was nervous. We all have an impression of tabloids and the how the stories appear, very sensationalised and you question the accuracy sometimes. But to me, this was an opportunity to talk about the condition … Continue reading National News

People who share breast-feeding pictures and articles make me feel bad

A little controversial and I may even get trolled with online abuse for this but...I'm starting to hate all the articles and pictures about breast-feeding. Why? Because it makes me feel like a failure. I was only a few hours post-emergancy section, empty-armed and teary, when a nurse came in to talk to me about … Continue reading People who share breast-feeding pictures and articles make me feel bad