Shout Out To My Sister

My little sister deserves a shout out, just because I love her and she’s great!

She was the first person to make me feel like I wasn’t all alone in this world. She is the reason I knew my destiny was Motherhood.

She hugged me when I cried as others got pregnant around me, whilst I knew we weren’t in a financial position to even try for years to come.

How she turned out, her confidence and strength, gave me hope that I could raise a child right as I had helped to raise her.

When fate stepped in and I saw those two pink lines at about 4 weeks gone, the first person I wanted to tell after Hubby, was her. I’ll admit it, I was so super nervous to tell Hubby as I knew he’d be worried about money and the fact that we live in a one-bedroom house which is really small etc…We’d actually had a disagreement about whether we’d ever be able to afford kids the week before so I was worried. I was beyond excited to tell my little sister.

I told her in the car park of the office we both work in when I was 5 weeks along and had known for a week. When I told her that she was going to be an Auntie, we cried happy tears together. It’s one of my moment favourite sister moments of my life.

She was so supportive throughout my pregnancy. She would remind me how blessed I am when rib pain was making me cry in pain (which incidentally is one of the first signs of pre-eclampsia – always tell your midwife!) and she was excitable with me and bought geek-tastic baby grows for us. She came with me to Build-A-Bear so I could make Jack a teddy all ready for his cot when he arrived. (Just as well I did that early hey?)

It was difficult to be in HDU for two days before and after having Jack because she wasn’t allowed in. I was in HDU when she went to visit Jack for the first time. Apparently she took one look and said that he would be costing her a fortune as she’s going to spoil him rotten! She was under his spell immediately.

She was patient waiting weeks for a cuddle until I felt ready and never once pushed the issue. She just waited.

She is an amazing Auntie and he loves having snuggles with her and playing together. And it seems that she’s cast a strange Tellytubbie spell over him to because look…

Look at them with their evil toys…

She was bloody obsessed with them during the first incarnation in the late 90’s and now see what he’s chose himself at the shop. Sigh. I didn’t like them but Jack loves what Auntie Cinda loves, his favourite colour is even yellow.

Secretly, it makes me happy that he’s a bit like her!

Cinda & me at Jack’s birthday party

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