I think we’ve all seen the stupid Daily Fail post about “Slummy Mummies” which basically serves only to shame mums for feeding their kids fish fingers and for drinking a glass of wine in the evening or on a weekend.

Note – I refuse to link to the article, they ain’t getting any website traffic from me.

Now I may be a slightly crap mummyblogger in this sense as I am teetotal, but I can relate to a lot of what these women, such as The Unmumsy Mum and Hurrah For Gin, write about. Especially now my baby has been upgraded to a toddler.

Kids are difficult. They are fussy and don’t listen and make a mess. This is my lounge for example –


And I have to put the boy in the playpen if I want to have a wee or make myself a culpa to leave on a shelf and forget about, purely to stop him from turning into a pro mountain climber / expert bin emptier.

And we share these moments to reassure mums that they are doing ok and that we are all going through it together.

We give our kids food that they will eat. If they will eat organic vegetables with lemony couscous, brill. If it’s fish fingers and custard, brill. Why is it an issue? I had dairy lea sandwiches for my whole childhood due to my Selective Eating Disorder and it hasn’t done me any harm, healthy wise.

And I don’t rink but why shouldn’t a parent be able to have a little glass of something nice once the kids are in bed after they’ve been mardy whirlwinds all day?

(Mardy. Adjective. Midlands/Northern slang for sulky/moody.)

Obviously I am cherishing every moment. It goes without saying after al we went through. I watched and waited and we both suffered to get to this time. I relish that I can now relate to these mums a lot more because that means that we’re doing ok and Jack is like other kids and I don’t need to feel guilty about being glad it’s bedtime occasionally.

Normal mummy life. I love it. And I love him endlessly. Even when he’s thrown his shows in the kitchen bin.


2 thoughts on “Solidaritea

  1. You make me smile! I’m there now and although I cherish my son and his “mardy” moments, I refuse to allow anyone to demean my parenting style! I had a parent and her 6 (SIX!!) year old try to make me feel guilty for giving my child chocolate milk at the grocery store. My reply? “Maybe if your mother had given you chocolate milk you would be so miserable”. No, I don’t feel guilty. 🙂


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