Jack’s Celebration Day!

So last Sunday, we had a big party that we called Jack’s Celebration Day. Basically, a naming day party but to celebrate Jack’s whole life so far and the challenges he’s overcome. So we celebrate his birth, homecoming, health and oxygen prong-free face! Not a blog post as such just a collection of pictures from the special day.

Lazy morning playing at home before getting ready –


Can we all take a moment to appreciate that I got the eyeliner flicks absolutely identical? This never happens to me and it was upsetting to have to wipe it away at the end of the day. It may never happen again! –


Jack’s amazing cake from M&S with a personalised message! Was very yummy too!

A nap before everything kicks off – so cute!


Ready! Shirt and shorts from Nannie!


Chatting to people! From left, Little Nan and Auntie Cinda, Granny and Grandad T, Grace and Owen

Got a little tired ager a while so a little snooze – zzzzzzzz


Spending time with Daddy

A quiet moment with Mummy on the swing seat that Poppa made (my mum’s dad – sooo wish he was here right now)


It was such an amazing day. Jack got lots of cards and messages in his guest book which we will also print these photos off for. We also requested that no one buy him any presents but that instead, if they wished, they donate money to Friends of the Baby Unit (FOBU) who are the charity that raises money for Royal Derby Hospital NICU where Jack was for the first 3 months of his life. We made about £100 and I’m really looking forward to taking it in to them!

For more Jack updates, like our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/beyondthenicu 

To donate to the NICU that saved Jack, go to www.fobuderby.com

To learn more about the petitions that will help other premmie mums with extending maternity leave and getting more help with mental health linked to premature birth, go to www.thesmallestthings.org

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