Our first holiday and other progress!


So last weekend we took our caravan out for the first time (mainly to test it) but this was Jack’s first little holiday!

We didn’t go very far, just to Ashbourne but it was lovely! It was very rainy but I love the sound of rain on a caravan roof and now we have introduced Jack to it. He was so well behaved and brilliant. It drove home as well just how far he’s come because imagine trying to have a little weekend away with oxygen cylinders and nasal prongs and tubes etc! He is a genuine miracle baby!

He loved sitting in his bumbo for his meals and smacking the table. He missed rolling around on the floor (too small a floor space and not hygienic like his playmat at home) but he had fun. We had a takeaway from Benny’s in Ashbourne on Friday night which was yummy and I was able to carry him around in his new front carrier which he enjoyed.

Saturday was very rainy so not able to do what we originally planned but we had a nice, slightly soggy, walk around the nature reserve. Jack LOVES looking at the trees so he was in his element there!


Saturday evening we went to the Knockerdown pub and had a nice meal while Jack charmed the locals and the people at the next table! He charms everyone he meets and they all say how happy and cheery he is. It makes me so proud to hear them say that. He was so good all weekend, he had all his bottles and meals and didn’t vomit once while we were away!

In other news, Jack was discharged by the neonatal psychologist. She is so pleased with his progress and don’t think that he has any other issues that need looking into currently. He no longer has any aversion to feeding or cries when we try him with a bottle. He is happy and smiley and wonderful.

I’ve still seeing my counsellor to tackle my anxiety and hopefully the PTSD-like stuff so we’ll see how that goes in a couple more sessions. I really hope it’s not like the counselling I had a few years ago which was just worksheets. I think my problems are more severe than filling in a worksheet.

Jack is still seeing his Physio and its going well. Even though he is 9 months old, we go by his corrected age for development which is in line with his due date. So he should be more like a 6.5 month old. He’s not sitting yet but yesterday for the first time he managed to do so for several seconds which was really exciting!


We just need to keep him practising now! He can also grab his feet (and try to eat them) which is the other thing from last time that she wanted him to do for this time. More tummy time has been requested too. He doesn’t really get much now he knows how to flip back over onto his back but I am going to start holding him in the position he needs to be in and hopefully he’ll build his strength up from there. He won’t be happy though – he never liked being held still or restricted!

We’ve also been planning his Celebration Day Party or Naming Day if you like. We aren’t religious so won’t be having him Christened but wanted a party to celebrate him being off oxygen full time. So we are having a party to celebrate everything – his birth, homecoming and health. I am SO excited to just show him off proudly! I am planning to put out his NICU Journey photo album on display and have bought a guest book for people to write messages in. We’ve got balloons and banners and table confetti and everything! I’ll probably do another blog post about the party which will be mostly pictures!

For more Jack updates, like our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/beyondthenicu 

To donate to the NICU that saved Jack, go to www.fobuderby.com

To learn more about the petitions that will help other premmie mums with extending maternity leave and getting more help with mental health linked to premature birth, go to www.thesmallestthings.org

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