Time flies by

Time is flying and I need it to slow down! Some good news this past week though and it shows how far my brave boy has come.

Firstly, Jack is cutting his first tooth! You can see it and feel it. This does mean that he’s sometimes a bit upset so I have Bonjela to hand at all times. He’s been chewing his hands and sleeves for AGES so a relief to finally see evidence! Am I going to miss his gummy smile? Or just fall more in love? I suspect the latter! I love him more and more every moment!

The appointment to discuss his hernia with the Surgical Consultant went very well. I explained that I hardly ever see it any more. I’ve seen it less and less since his discharge from NICU. She examined him and actually couldn’t find anything! After seeking a second opinion on how to proceed, she explained that hernias don’t just go away as a rule so she cannot confirm for definite that it is a hernia. She said it would have been easier if I had taken a picture of it when it does appear. I didn’t think of that. She said that it would be silly to schedule a non-emergency procedure without evidence of it as well as taking my worries into consideration. I had explained how terrified I am of putting him through an operation during which he would have to be ventilated as the last time he was ventilated (at birth for a week) it took 7.5 months to get him off the breathing help. I know he wouldn’t be like that again but would he be back on oxygen prongs again and for how long? He’s only just come off it full time 2 weeks ago. She reassured me he would be extubated the same day or next morning but I would still like to wait until he is bigger and stronger with super amazing lungs before putting him through that. I am terrified of the procedure and aftermath. It was then that the consultant said she agrees with me and is happy to wait, especially with not being able to locate it that day. She said she understands because she’s a preemie mummy too. It was great to know we were on the same page. So the plan is to have a review in 4 months and I am so take pictures in the meantime whenever it presents.

Another exciting things is his development. We know he is delayed due to his prematurity. He has the life experience/brain/social skills of an 8 month old but the body of a 5.5 month old. But he finally rolled over from his back to his front! He’s been trying for a month or two but couldn’t suss out getting his other arm out from under him but now he can. His head control is also great, he’s started trying to grab his feet and can happily sit with only one of my hands supporting him. Definitely going to practice that some more!

I cannot believe how much I love him and how proud I am of him. I hug him and kiss him as much as possible everyday. I love the way he looks at me, like I am the best ever. I also know that one day he will think my jokes are naff so I am making the most of him thinking I am funny right now! He has the best smile and laugh. He is so happy all the time, my wonderful brave fighter boy.

Also, my thoughts on the Victoria Beckham thing? It’s fine to kiss your kids on the lips. Of course it is, they’re your kids. I am going to kiss his sweet face as much as jolly well like because I waited 20 hours to see him and a whole week to hold him and kiss him. Even then it was a long time of only having a hold once a day for an hour. So yes I will kiss him as much as possible even on the lips because he’s mine and I waited so so long. 

‘No one else will ever know the strength of my love for you. After all, you’re the only one who knows what my heart sounds like from the inside.’ – Unknown.

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