Best Mum Moments (so far!)

I was feeling a little low this morning so am cheering myself up with a short list of some of my best mum moments so far!

Finding out I was pregnant – We had wanted this for so long but hadn’t even dared try for a baby because of our circumstances so to find that fate had intervened was magical!

Scans – you were alive and well and showed signed of the personality we know and love today! And I so wanted a boy and you are! My perfect Jack!

The sound you made when you were lifted from my tummy – A surprised “oh!” that let me know that, even though you were SO early, you were alive and a fighter.

First nappy change and first breast milk – Made me feel like a proper mummy, being allowed to change your nappy. And as wonderful as the doctors and nurses are, only Mummy could provide breast milk and that made me feel pretty important and part of your journey.

First cuddle – Our should connected and our bond sealed and unbreakable. Happy tears. My baby, actual mine that I get to hold and love. Magic.

First smile – Proof that despite everything, you are happy.

First walk in the pram – Walked from the NICU to the coffee shop and back, showing off my boy proudly like a normal mum.

Rooming in at the flat before discharge – just us in our bubble, me and my boy, looking after you all myself with no help.

Coming home – yep, you are actually mine and I get to take you home and keep you!

Coming off oxygen – seeing your face without tubes and sticky pads 24/7, I’m such a lucky Mummy!

Laughing boy – such an amazing noise!

Sitting up property unaided – It took so long but it was worth the wait!

Christmas Eve – Reading Jack “Twas The Night Before Christmas” just like I did last year but AT HOME instead of in the NICU!

Post-op cuddle – When he was placed in my arms post-op, alive and well and tube-less and I cried like I did when it was our first cuddle.

Just think how many more there are to come! I love you, my brave boy xxx

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